In the following piece of code a complete xml file is posted as a string from previous page(line 2). For that all quotation marks(") have been changed to single ones(&#039;), therefore in the following code this is reversed(line 3). Then I try to display the xml file(line 4). xml file uses an xsl file for displaying it correctly in a browser(IE5.5). Nothing is displayed, I receive only a blank page. What am I missing here?<BR><BR>If I save this xml string as .xml file(manually, not in this code I&#039;m working with) and then open it by double clicking it, it will be displayed correctly in a browser. So there is no errors in either the xml or xsl files.<BR><BR>I can display the file using DOM objects but I really wouldn&#039;t like to use that, since for some reason I don&#039;t know, it won&#039;t work with &#039;encoding="ISO-8859-1"&#039; which is used in the xml file.<BR><BR>Any help appreciated.<BR><BR>Code:<BR><BR>Dim strxml<BR>strxml = Request.Form("source")<BR>strxml = replace(strxml,"&#039;","""")<BR>Response.Write strxml