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    how do we insert records in a remote xml file residing on a differnt IP. I have MSXML 4.0 installed.<BR><BR>The xml file already has few records. And the values of the new record to be inserted are also available in their respective variables in the asp page.<BR><BR>say the xmlfile is "http://remoteserver/xmlfiles/customer.xml" on which read and write is allowed.<BR><BR>Please suggest

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    You can&#039;t directly.<BR><BR>You would need to open the file using the XMLHTTP object.<BR><BR>You would make your changes.<BR><BR>You would send that file out using the XMLHTTP object. You would send it to a handler page that takes an XML document as input and saves it where the previous file was saved.<BR><BR>Concurrency would be an issue. You would need to flag the file as "being editted" once the user retrieves the file and let go of it once they return the file.<BR><BR>-Doug

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