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    I&#039;m pulling a good old fashioned programming allnighter, but i&#039;ve hit a stump. I&#039;ve been searching for too long and can&#039;t seem to find it... i figured this was a good place to check as it seems busy alot and people here often seem to have more of a background than just ASP...<BR><BR>Anyways, I need to know how Pascal does "quoted strings". I assume it&#039;s just how do quotes have to be formated in a string to be reconginzed as quotes instead of ending functions, ect. I am using this for a project writing a basic compiler (creating the tokens now, fun stuff). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default just to clarify.....

    ... not that I know jack about pascal, but do you mean escaping quotes like this :<BR><BR>JScript :<BR><BR>"blah \"blach \" blagh"<BR><BR>VBScript :<BR><BR>"bleugh ""blargh"" blach"<BR><BR>j<BR>

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