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Thread: Convert Access DB to SQL DB?

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    Martin, Sweden Guest

    Default Convert Access DB to SQL DB?

    Howdy guys!<BR>I have an Access Database and I´m wondering if it is possible to convert this to an SQL Database?<BR>If it´s possible do I have to change a lot in my asp code??<BR>How big difference is it in the VBScripting to an SQL Database?<BR><BR>I never worked with SQL at all...<BR><BR>Thanks guys!!

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    Ben Jones Guest

    Default RE: Convert Access DB to SQL DB?

    &nbsp;<BR>Microsoft offers a free "Upsizing" tool for migrating from Access to SQL Server. As for your code (I&#039m assuming you were asking whether or not your ASP had to be modified), everything should continue to work fine. You may have to modify any sections using date datatypes, however, replacing the Access-standard ## format with &#039&#039. (eg, WHERE somedate > #January 1 1999# becomes WHERE somedate > &#039January 1 1999&#039)<BR><BR><BR>Ben

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    Martin, Sweden Guest

    Default Thanks Ben!

    Thanks for your respond!<BR>Really kind of ya!<BR>Another question!<BR>Where can I find this upsizing tool, is it included with SQL Server? Or can I find it on microsofts web?<BR><BR>Thanks man

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