I have a website where I need to open some existing Excel2000 documents that reside on the server. I am using a Javascript function to do this after the user clicks on the link. (In the Javascript it&#039;s just the "open" command.) The idea is that it opens it up in the browser but still has the Excel functionality.<BR><BR>This was working great when I was running IIS3. Then I upgraded to IIS4. Now I get an error on client computers that "Excel can&#039;t open the documents". The file path is correct and it&#039;s not locked by any other users. This seems to be related to the fact that the client doesn&#039;t have Excel 2000 installed.<BR><BR>This wasn&#039;t a problem before. Why is it now? And more importantly, how can I open the spreadsheet regardless of the client&#039;s version of Excel?