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    Hi,<BR>I have confused my probelem is:<BR>i am creating text field using database the name of the text field depend on what is on database. suppose 12 text field is generate on the page and any one can put some thing only 3 of then how i can get only this three field in next page. There is a problem the name of the text field is not in seriese like 1,2,3,4.. the name of text field might be randam like 1,20, 12,... <BR>i m using post method<BR>please help me <BR><BR>AFFAN

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    Default Try looping through the fields collection.

    Dim strFLD, strValue<BR>For Each strFLD In Request.Form<BR> strValue = Request.Form(strFLD)<BR> If Len(strValue) &#062; 0 Then<BR> &#039;this field is populated<BR> End If<BR>Next<BR><BR>-Doug

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