FIRST _ Phenom book!VERY usable material!!!<BR><BR>RE: Bonus Calendar Project in the book - Week 1 in Review).. and working with my own database with Events (event_id,(primary key) venue_id (foreign Key),event_name, event_date, start_time, here&#039;s what I&#039;d like to accomplish:<BR><BR> Wish list item #1: Wish this Bonus Project had a follow-thru in the book to learn how to attach, display and hyperlink events attributed to a certain day/month/year to the days in the calendar view.<BR><BR> I&#039;d also like to create a next month that runs a query on month plus 1, and month plus 2, so that I could show a separate calendar on each page, but each would show upcoming event (name only) in the table square for the appropriate day... AND THEN<BR><BR> Use something like "A HREF=event_view.asp?EV=&#060;%=rs.fields(event_id) %&#062;&#060;%=rs.fields(event_name)=%&#062;&#06 0;/A&#062;<BR><BR> to pass the EV querystring to a view page for each individual event (I know how to build the view page.) I just need to figure out how to put the proper record in the proper day.<BR><BR> Can that be done with some sort of array, building on this particular calendar code?<BR><BR>Again, thanks for such a great and informative book!<BR><BR>Vicki