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    Steve C. Guest

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    Active Server Document MIME type files do not list as an option under My Computer/View menu/Folder options/File Extensions. Could this be the reason that Notepad will not save my files as .ASP types? How can I get this file type into my system and get Notepad to save .ASP files?

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    Ian S Guest

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    I&#039ve found that notepad always wants to save as a text file<BR>no matter what extesnion you put UNLESS under<BR>"save as type" you select all files and type in the .asp<BR>extension manually.<BR><BR>you could always add the file type under the file extensions<BR>menu and set the default App as Notepad.<BR><BR><BR>i hope this helps,

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    Steve C. Guest

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    I have designated the "save as type" as all files, and it still won&#039t save as .asp. Can you offer some guidance as to adding the file type .asp?

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    Save your file name in quotes. For example, <BR><BR>"filename.asp"<BR><BR>This will prevent Notepad from adding the .txt extension to your file names

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