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    I have a simple question about control structures. I have three scenarios in a script and I dont want to use CASE 1, 2, 3, syntax unless I have to.<BR><BR>Currently, it looks something like:<BR>IF "scenario 1" THEN<BR> code<BR>IF "scenario 2" THEN<BR> code<BR>ELSE<BR> code<BR><BR>I am getting an "Expected statement" error right where the ELSE is in the code. How do I change the control structure syntax to evaluate all 3 scenarios before deciding which to pursue, and without giving me the error message? Is it IF, ELSE IF, ELSE? Remember that all three scenarios are at an equal level, none are nested within others.<BR>

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    IF "scenario 1" THEN<BR> code<BR>ELSEIF "scenario 2" THEN<BR> code<BR>ELSE<BR> code<BR>END IF<BR>

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