The following is the raw output which I need to format and store in the database.<BR><BR>s<BR>a00000000040000<BR>b00012300 000000<BR>c000Message Here 0000<BR>a00000000050000<BR>b00023400000000<BR>c000 Message 2 Here 0000<BR>e<BR><BR>The output will look like this after formating.<BR><BR>Value A = 40000<BR>Value B = 123<BR>Value C = Message Here<BR><BR>Value A = 50000<BR>Value B = 234<BR>Value C = Message 2 Here<BR><BR>Here is my code:<BR><BR>Sub Submit_Click (Sender as Object, E as EventArgs)<BR><BR>Dim ArrRawResult As ArrayList = New ArrayList()<BR>Dim strHandleResult as String<BR>Dim strManipulateResult as String<BR> <BR> ArrRawResult.AddRange(Split(txtRawResult.text, ControlChars.CrLf))<BR> For Each strHandleResult in ArrRawResult<BR> strManipulateResult = Left(strHandleResult,1)<BR> Select Case strManipulateResult<BR> Case "a"<BR> Response.Write ("Value A = " & Mid(strHandleResult,11,5))<BR> Response.Write ("[br]")<BR> Case "b"<BR> Response.Write ("Value B = " & Mid(strHandleResult,5,3))<BR> Response.Write ("[br]")<BR> Case "c"<BR> Response.Write ("Value c = " & Mid(strHandleResult,5,16))<BR> Response.Write ("[br]") <BR> End Select<BR> Next<BR><BR>End Sub<BR><BR>My question is<BR>A. Will this code work efficiently, because the raw string that I need to format is about 500kb or more in size.<BR>B. How can I store this in the database. Which is method is more flexible and better in performance?<BR>C. Is there any alternative methods for MID() LEFT() SPLIT() (i.e Instead of using vbCrLf I can use ControlChars.CrLf and Instead of Cstr()<BR> I can use .ToString() likewise I would like to know whether there is an alternative methods for MID(), LEFT() and SPLIT() )<BR><BR>let me know your views and ideas please.