Hi Everybody,<BR><BR> I am held with a problem.The situation is like this<BR> <BR> I had a custom component that in return build an XML data as Response and<BR> return Response Object with the object of that component.<BR> <BR> Dim Enom<BR> Set Enom=Sever.CreateObject("Enom.EnomURL")<BR> Enom.AddParam "UID",Application("username")<BR> Enom.AddParam "Pw",Application("Password")<BR> Enom.DoRequest "GetContent"<BR> <BR> This Object will build a response in which is access the response information <BR> as below<BR> <BR> Enom.Response "obj1" <BR> Enom.Response "obj2" <BR> <BR> But it also returns an XML But how to store that Enom.Response object in a string<BR> so that I can load it in the memory.<BR> <BR> Please any help is really appreciated.<BR> <BR>With Regards<BR>Nagaraj.A