Hi<BR><BR>I have a (big) problem: i use the following code to create the XML processing inscruction from ASP<BR><BR>Set XMLPI = XMLDOM.createProcessingInstruction("xml", "version=&#039;1.0&#039; encoding=&#039;ISO-8859-1&#039; standalone=&#039;no&#039;")<BR>XMLDOM.insertBefore XMLPI, XMLDOM.childNodes(0)<BR><BR>It works.<BR>Then I do <BR>Response.ContentType = "text/xml"<BR>Response.Write XMLDOM.xml<BR>to output my XML to the browser.<BR><BR>But then something I can&#039;t understand appends : the parser returns the "unknown character" error. Why ? Because I am french and use some accents in the text. But this should not happend when the "encoding=&#039;ISO-8859-1&#039;" of the processing is specified as this charset supports the french alphabet. And why does it still return an error ? Because this attribute has just VANISHED: when you look at the document source in the browser, this attribute is not present anymore !<BR><BR>But wait : if I output the XML to a file using XMLDOM.Save, and if I open it with Notepad, the instruction IS PRESENT.<BR><BR>So what ? Is Internet Explorer just removing what it does not want from my code ? <BR><BR>Please help ! This is a REALLY ennoying problem !<BR><BR>Thanks