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    I have collect date in asp page from 3 select menus, one foe day and one for month and the other for year, then I concatenate all of the values to have the date syntax, but in fact I want to save them in more than one DB, and each one have different date format, how can I change the date format directly without re-concatenate the first 3 values.<BR>The format I need are:<BR>Dd/dd/yyyy<BR>Mm/dd/yyy<BR>Mm/dd/yy<BR>Dd/mm/yy<BR>..PLZ help …<BR>

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    Default You can use Session.LCID... convert a DATE datatype (*not* a string that happens to hold something that looks like a date!) to a string of varying formats.<BR><BR>But you know, almost all database understand<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; YYYY/MM/DD<BR>even if they don&#039;t "advertise" it. You *might* try that as a universal format.<BR><BR>It should work with Access, SQL Server, and MySQL, just to pick three very different examples.<BR><BR><BR>

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