isNumeric returns true?

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Thread: isNumeric returns true?

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    Default isNumeric returns true?

    I&#039;m doing this:<BR>If IsNumeric(Request.QueryString("roleID")) Then<BR><BR>If the URL parameter "roleID" does not exist, this statement returns true. This doesn&#039;t make sense to me - this should basically read:<BR>if IsNumeric(Empty) Then<BR><BR>Can someone explain?<BR>Thanks.

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    Right before it do:<BR>Response.Write "roleID = &#039;" & Request.QueryString("roleID")) & "&#039;&#060;br /&#062;"<BR><BR>Also, why not just do:<BR>If Len(Request.QueryString("roleID")) &#062; 0 And IsNumeric(Request.QueryString("roleID")) Then<BR><BR>-Doug

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