Hi,<BR><BR>Here is a challenging problem for all..can anyone solve<BR>it pleaseee. I used the same Script for Sending web articles through email which was dated 12/15/99 with the title <BR>"Sending Web Articles through Email". But the problem<BR>is.... it is showing a error<BR><BR>"Server.MapPath() error &#039ASP 0173 : 80004005&#039 "<BR>"An invalid character was specified in the Path <BR>parameter for the MapPath method."<BR><BR>The website uses querystring like this:<BR>http://something.com/info/default.asp?section=0&vid=3464<BR><BR>please check the script in the article 12/15/99 "Sending<BR>Web Articles Through Email". I used the exact and same<BR>code written in that article. <BR><BR>How should i modify the code...if the website uses querystring<BR>like given above...how should i use it in the mappath?<BR><BR>please let me know...i am new to asp designing.<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>Mathews.