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    Hi guys,<BR>I&#039;m using CDONTS.Newmail to generate email from my ASP-pages. Sometime, or in some email-clients the contents doesn&#039;t come out right.<BR>Here&#039;s how it looks like:<BR>M26YB:G5D86X@=&EL;"!+14LP,B!+]FMS96MO;F]M:0T*+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM<BR>M+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM +2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM+2TM<BR><BR>In this mail I attach a textfile but it happens from time to time without any attachments. Does anyone know what the problem is? Do I need to set the MIME formats to something or?<BR><BR>Any help is appriciated<BR><BR>/Putte

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    Fair enough. WHAT email clients?<BR>is this in the body text? is this the entire output? please clarify. it&#039;s possibly your encoding scheme, but i can&#039;t really say for sure<BR><BR>j<BR>

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