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    I am trying to restrict certain departments in my company to have access to this intranet site I made. I would only like the Discovery & IT group to be able to view the intranet site, but I do not want a message to prompt them to enter a user name and password. I would like it to automatically know who do or do not have access by somehow from when they login into their computer. I am very new w/ this security things, so I am pretty lost. So far, I know that I have to go into the terminal services connection to access the webserver. Then, I go into Internet Services Manager, and then on the left hand side, I can see my intranet site name. I right click it and go to Properties. From there I go to "Security Directory" tab, and then edit the Anonymous access and Authentication Control. I unchecked everything, except "Integrated Windows Authentication"... and that&#039;s all I know. However, this still prompts for my login, password, and domain ... I thought it wouldn&#039;t prompt a login anymore. Also, how do I continue further and restrict access to only the Discovery and IT group? <BR>Thank you so much!

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    Default The webserver MUST be in the same domain.

    If it isn&#039;t in the same domain, you are going to get this login box. There isn&#039;t anything you can do about it.<BR><BR>Well, actually supposedly IBM has some kind of solution.. Tivoli or something like that.<BR><BR>Once you capture the person&#039;s username you are going to need to use ADSI to find out what groups the user belongs to. If they belong to the 2 groups you mentioned, allow them access. If they don&#039;t, give them a message that says "**** off.".<BR><BR>Please don&#039;t ask what ADSI is. Search for it. It&#039;s probably over you head, though.<BR><BR>-Doug

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