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    Does anyone know if the FileSystemObject allows multiple users simultaneous read and write access to a single file? When more than one user attempts to access the same file through the FileSystemObject, one gets it and the rest get a "Permission Denied". Any Ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jake

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    Honestly, I don&#039t know if FileSystemObject have something like file-lock. I&#039m using FSO to read and write to a text file for counter, until now everything works well, so I guess there isn&#039t any exclusive-open or something like that if FSO.<BR><BR>But I have an idea which might be useful:<BR>Let&#039s say, you have a page that allows the user (authorized visitor) to change a news stored in a text file, news.txt. But you have more than one authorized user located in several areas that could visit the page and edit the news at the same time, which you want to prevent.<BR><BR>To avoid accidental &#039conflict&#039 between both file/news updaters, let the first (there always be a first one) user who access the form page (edit page) to create a text file (for flag purpose), used.txt, containing only his user id. When he finish filling the form and submit the content to submit.asp, submit.asp will update the news.txt and delete the flag file (used.txt).<BR>Therefore, in the middle of editing, if other user open the form page, it will say that it is being edited by previous visitor.

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