Need to Know whether Browser is closed or Not

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Thread: Need to Know whether Browser is closed or Not

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    Default Need to Know whether Browser is closed or Not

    hi<BR>Some time the user didn&#039;t logout and close the browser.<BR>I want to write a script that should see whether a browser is active or not using vb<BR>if he is inactive, i will delete his session.<BR>How to delete his session if we findout he is inactive.<BR>This helps for security purpose.<BR>Please suggest me

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    Default doesn't much matter *server-side*

    since the server only records the last request, the user&#039;s session will have timed out ages ago. an inactive session is a dead session. doesn&#039;t matter if the browser is open or not. what would matter is if that user left sensitive info up on the screen, but since that user shouldn&#039;t have access to anyone else&#039;s info but his own, it&#039;s his own problem.<BR><BR>OK fair enough. put in a meta refresh tag set to, say, 40 minutes to send the user away. the page would still be cached. an intruder can just hit the back button, and 80% of the time the data would be available. but that user wouldn&#039;t be able to log into the session again.<BR><BR>j<BR><BR><BR>see the point?

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