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    I have a combo box on a page and if the user selects a particular value I want three text boxes to appear on the page. Do I use hidden values? Any ideas on how I would go about it or links to pages where I could get some information?

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    Default Not easy cross-browser

    This is pretty easy with MSIE 5 or 6, but really tough with NS 4.x.<BR><BR>NS 4 does *NOT* allow a &#060;FORM&#062; to cross over into multiple &#060;DIV&#062;s or &#060;LAYER&#062;s, so you&#039;d have to have *two* forms.<BR><BR>Then, too, making the code work on both NS and MSIE means understanding cross-browser JS coding.<BR><BR>An easier way might be to use frames. If you can arrange the page in such a way that the info "pops up" in a separate frame, then it&#039;s pretty easy to write code that works fine in all browsers.<BR><BR>

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