I have a database built for our intranet. All links are in this database along with the name of an NT group. The NT group is compared on the page and determines which links a user will see.<BR><BR>Problem I am having is this. Certain users have no problems whatsoever, others get an error. At first I thought this was computer specific, but was wrong as I logged into one having the problems and I had no problem whatsoever.<BR><BR>Users will get one of the following errors:<BR><BR>1) error &#039;80070035&#039; <BR> The network path was not found. <BR><BR>2) Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a0046&#039; <BR> Permission denied: &#039;GetObject&#039; <BR><BR><BR>At first I thought it was a problem with NT groups and users not being in the correct groups, but this was wrong. I then thought it was permissions to the directories on the server, this isnt right either.<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas of things I should look in to?