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    I am running query which search for information where Body Serial # = ###### in 6 different tables. Query works fine but it is very very slow, i am using oracle DB and have index on Body Serial # too. There are a lot of records in each table, i can underdstand 1 minute wait but most of time query times out and that&#039s very bad. <BR><BR>Any idea how i will speed things up ?

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    Gary Van Sluis Guest

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    I would look into a stored procedures, beside that if you have <BR>say 6 tables, you could write a sql statement that <BR>1st - Joined all your records and put them into one table - this is for all existing records.<BR>2nd - when new data is inputed into the db, use a trigger to grab all this new data and put it to the single table. <BR><BR>Then from your web query grab only from the one table.<BR><BR>This will keep all the work in Oracle and the more I think about it, using a trigger to create new records in a different table when originally inputed is probably your best bet, giving you one table to deal with and speeding things up very quickly.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>Gary

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    Mark Guest

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    Make sure that you are using an OLE DB Provider; rather than an ODBC Driver.<BR><BR>Speed increases can be realized by using OLE DB Providers, rather than ODBC Drivers. Queries in many of my Oracle web applications run much faster using "Microsoft&#039s OLE DB Provider for Oracle", than they do using either the Oracle&#039s ODBC Driver, or Microsoft&#039s ODBC Driver for Oracle.

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