JScript and VBScript on the same page?

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Thread: JScript and VBScript on the same page?

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have never used server side JScript before. But I have just found a need (getting the time in miliseconds).<BR><BR>What I was wondering is can Server side JScript and VBScript run on the same page?<BR><BR>I want to get the time (in miliseconds) and then pass that to VBScript to do some processing with it.<BR>Do I have to have two seperate pages to do this?<BR>- e.g. one JScript page to get the time in miliseconds and redirect with querystring to another page (vbscript) to do my processing.<BR><BR>Or can they both be on the same page and then variable passed between them?<BR><BR>Cheers.

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    You can use the &#060;script language="JavaScript" runat="Server"&#062; tag, I think, to specify a JavaScript section.<BR><BR>Then just create a JavaScript function and call it from the VBScript.<BR><BR>Never done it, but seen it done.<BR><BR>Craig.

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