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    Okay<BR><BR>I have an application, it utilizes a dhtml menu system, several includes of various scripts and has Session variables.<BR><BR>A user logs in for the first time during their work day. They see a main menu (no dhtml on that page), they then proceed to go into a page where a navigation bar appears.<BR><BR>If they use any link in the dhtml bar<BR><BR>The page they request trips an error function (this is a homemade security function that simply checks to see initially if the session var i set when they log in as any length to it)<BR><BR>it gets tripped, so they log in again, and everything works fine. no session problems. <BR><BR>As anyone ever encountered this?

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    I had a problem where i was setting some session variables and then writing different javascript statements out to the client based on what some of the values were in the session collections. I kept getting the wrong results until i rebooted my webserver.. still have no clue what cause it, but at least it fixed it for now..

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