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    I am creating an intranet page/report that is being accessed by users of 3 different security levels. Every view of the page contains &#039;slightly&#039; different info, and being the intern that I am, I created 3 different ASP pages. I am wanting to use subroutines as a means to dynamically create those pages from a request.querystring value. <BR>This is happening all over my site, and I want to create a repository for my SUBS to increase efficiency. My question is this: What structure should I use? Because each Main SUB has many smaller SUBS, I was thinking of putting all the Main SUBS on one page (MainSubs.asp) and all the rest on another page (SubSubs.asp). <BR>Any recommendations or suggestions are much appreciated.<BR><BR>Mike

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    Default there are a lot of ways

    I, for instance, like to use WSC (windows script components) these days. they can be cached once across multiple pages, unlike includes. most folks use includes, often as yo say with one master include and a bunch of smaller ones. some people are a bit mental and use one massive include - which isn&#039;t a very good idea at all.<BR><BR>j<BR>

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