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    Hi<BR><BR>I would like to incorporate the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook ie.. for example if the name is &#039;John Rambo&#039; and email id is then on my writing simply &#039;Rambo&#039; would make it search the local names I stored and automatically fill the text box with the original destination email id ie.... <BR>Maybe with some components if available ?<BR>If not is there any other way to make it easy for the employees(who are frequent visitors to my intranet page) to easily add the eMail Id&#039;s . The number of employees list in my company is more than 40,000. So what is the best solution for such a big number of eMail database<BR><BR>Thank you<BR>& Best Regards<BR>Nilabdhi

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    Default You can't access...

    ...the users address book from either server-side, or client-side scripting.<BR><BR>However, if the users added their own address book to your own database, you could then create a feature like this quite easily.<BR><BR>You would have to download all of the user&#039;s contacts into a client-side JavaScript array, then, as they write into the "to" box, check to see if the name is inside the JS array. If so, complete the name (or put up a confirm as to whether they want to complete the name)...<BR><BR>Craig.

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