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    ok i am doing some work experience [as a student]for a firm, and while here have had to hurl myself into ASP. I have made a form that sends the info as an email and then redirects the user to another page. Now they tell me i need to find a way of validating the email and phone numbers, but ive looked at many documents and it all seems to confusing. I have tried to use javascript, but am not sure how to put it in successfully in the asp.<BR>For example how is<BR>&#060;FORM NAME="frmTest" ONSUBMIT="return DataValidation();"&#062; meant to be put in? Should i put &#060;script&#062; tags around it?<BR><BR><BR>can anyone help me? ive been up literally all night working on this, and its driving me insane<BR>

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    Default plenty tutorials at :<BR><BR><BR>search for &#039;validation&#039; or &#039;validating&#039;<BR><BR>j<BR>

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