IIS5 as webserver. I can see my home page BUT only

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Thread: IIS5 as webserver. I can see my home page BUT only

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    Default IIS5 as webserver. I can see my home page BUT only

    Hi all;<BR>Please forgive my lack of knowledge. I have IIS5 running on win2k server, and Im just running it as a webserver(trying to). I have a dynamic IP, but I am paying a site, no-ip.com to update my current IP. My domain is registered and active. I have a web page up and running within IIS, and the page is set as the default page. The local path to the webfiles home directory is in my wwwroot folder. When I check the domain from another PC it says "I am not authorized to view this page", but when I type in the name of the html page after the domain, I get the link fine. How can I set the page to open as soon as my domain name is typed in(without having to type in the actual page name)? THANX IN ADVANCE!

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    Default default page

    i bet you don&#039;t have a default page actually set or created, do you?<BR><BR>IIS5.0 by default, IIRC comes with the folowing default files specified<BR><BR>default.asp<BR>default.htm<BR>ind ex.asp<BR>index.htm<BR><BR>you need :<BR><BR>a) a file with one of these names as your default<BR>b) to set up a new default filename in IIS service manager. this is very easy. use the &#039;documents&#039; tab in the website properties window.<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.atrax.ws/

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