I am trying to sort multiple columns using XML on an asp page.<BR>I am able to sort by single column, but i need a secondary column along with the primary sort column.<BR>Sample code:<BR><BR><BR><BR>if vSort = "paidDt" then<BR> xslInvoices.selectSingleNode("//xsl:sort/@select").value = "concat(substring(paidDt, 7, 4),substring(paidDt, 1, 2),substring(paidDt, 4, 2))"<BR> xslInvoices.selectSingleNode("//xsl:sort/@data-type").value = "text" <BR> end if<BR>if vSort = "benefit" or vSort = "diagnosis" or vSort = "adjDecision" or vSort = "provider" or vSort = "invoiceStatus" then<BR> xslInvoices.selectSingleNode("//xsl:sort/@data-type").value = "text" <BR>end if<BR><BR>Now i would like to sort by paiddt and provider, how do i do it?<BR><BR><BR>thanks