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    hi..<BR><BR>say i have a list of product names...i want the user to click on one product name...and system must direct it to the specific product page..<BR>how do i do that?<BR>thank u

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    well<BR><BR>i would personally use a database and asp<BR><BR>some like using perl and mysql<BR><BR>or coldfusion.<BR><BR>its really up to you.

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    ..why not use just ONE page where you send the user.<BR><BR>Show all the Products on a page, make the Product name as a link and pass the "Product ID" as a querystring.<BR><BR>When the user clicks the Product Name, on the next page, write a SQL to gather the data from the table using the Product ID, this way you wont have to work harder if at a later stage, you plan to change something. All you will have to do is change/modify the code on one page.

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