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    can I send the results from a html page (name, company, address, and 16 checkboxes&#039 result, date and time) with action="smth.asp" and method="post" into a html (or text or ... smth else) file?<BR>How can I do that?<BR>Have you another better idea?<BR><BR>my provider ghive us the rights for a cgi-bin directory. I don&#039t know perl or cgi and I&#039m in a hurry (this is the worst tking!)<BR>help me please! (it seems I&#039m already crazy)<BR><BR>it&#039s possible?<BR>tkanks!!

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    The best Idea is to send the information to a database where it will be easily interpreted later. To do that you have to make a connection to a database and then insert the data. This would all happen in your smth.asp page. There are tutorial on how to do that here: <BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/111198-1.shtml<BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/042599-1.shtml<BR><BR><BR>Good Luck<BR><BR>Brandon

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    Anna:<BR>in your smth.asp you have to put &#060;% request("company") %&#062;, and code like this, to retrieve the data posted.<BR>If this isn&#039t usefull, then i think you have a problem with the server. You must install something like Personal Web server or IIS, and install the asp.exe program.<BR>About this, there is a tutorial in the resources of 4guysfromrolla.<BR><BR>Good luck, from Chile.

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