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    How do I get the name of a page that is loaded into a frame?<BR><BR>Say I have a site with two frames.<BR><BR>frame A (src=menu.htm) & Frame B (hello.htm).<BR><BR>How do I get the name of the page in frame B from frame A?<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried the following - but it doesn&#039;t work (can&#039;t think of an alternative!)<BR><BR>alert("the page on the left is called: " +parent.B.src)<BR><BR>it&#039;s the &#039;parent.B.src&#039; bit that gets me.<BR><BR>T.I.A

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    (page on the left)<BR>top.frames[0].location.href<BR><BR>(page on the right)<BR>top.frames[1].location.href<BR><BR>this is pretty basic javascript. I&#039;d advise you to go do the webmonkey javascript tutorial. it&#039;s the best tutorial on the web and will tech you this stuff without you having to wait for answers in a forum. it&#039;s at<BR><BR>j<BR>

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