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Thread: xmldom w2k problem?

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    HI there ... i have had an asp script running for sometime now ...when all of a sudden the script has stopped working <BR><BR>it is a simple script that parses an aml file and displays the text of each element. here is the script <BR><BR>XMLFile = "xmlfile.xml" <BR>set xmlDoc = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.4.0") <BR><BR>response.write xmlfile <BR>xmldoc.async = false <BR>&#039;xmldoc.load(Server.MapPath(xmlfile)) <BR>xmldoc.load(xmlfile) <BR><BR>set xmlRoot = xmlDoc.documentElement <BR>Set oSubNodeList = xmlRoot.childNodes <BR>for each xmlPNode in oSubNodeList <BR>i = 0 <BR><BR>for each xmlNode in xmlPNode.ChildNodes <BR><BR>myArray(i) = xmlNode.text <BR>response.write myarray(i) <BR> <BR><BR>i = i + 1 <BR>next <BR> next <BR><BR><BR>the error i get is <BR>"Object required line 23 <BR><BR>line 23 is "for each xmlPNode in oSubNodeList" <BR>i have a feeling something has become corrupt in my w2k server as no changes have been made to the asp script or the xml file... <BR>can anybody help <BR>

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