Using VS.NET beta 2 with version 1.0

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Thread: Using VS.NET beta 2 with version 1.0

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    Default Using VS.NET beta 2 with version 1.0

    Hi,<BR><BR>Can I stull use VS.NET beta2 when I upgrade the framework from beta2 to version 1.0?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Rob

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    Default Kind of...

    I&#039;m in this situation right now. I can open existing projects and compile them using the v1.0 compiler, but I cannot create new projects (it gives me various errors when trying to either create the project or when trying to compile the new project for the first time).<BR><BR>I&#039;ve heard other folks have other stories (from it doesn&#039;t work at all to it works flawlessly). So the safest bet is to upgrade to VS.NET v1.0 when you go to v1.0 of ASP.NET, but who knows, VS.NET BEta 2 may work just fine for you.

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    In my case I installed ASP.Net V1.0 having first uninstalled the Beta and no components were displayed in the VS.Net toolbox. None of my previous solutions worked, displaying a variety of error messages.Re-installing ASP.Net Beta resolved the aforementioned problems<BR>HTH<BR>Chas

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