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    Ok, I am having some problem understanding what the best way to handle this. I have an array arCart(4, 0). Ok, the UBound of the array when empty is 0. When I add a record to the array the UBound is still 0. What i need to do is if the array is empty to display a message that says "you have no items in your cart" but when an item is added to the array i need this message to go away and display the items. Help Please!<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Is this array built from the database?<BR><BR>I would think it is. When doing the query<BR>if do<BR>if (rs.eof) then<BR> myarraycount = -1<BR>else<BR> myarray = getrows<BR> myarraycount = UBOUND(myarray,2)<BR>end if<BR><BR>what does an array of (4,0) look like?

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