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    I have a redirect problem...I want a page to be displayed only once..meaning when I refresh it ..I want it to be redirected to another page... I am using sessions works but the url in the address bar is still pointing to the old page...this is a problem because if a person refreshes this page then they will go back to the old page and get a error... I am using "http://www....etc" for the redirect...any suggestions

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    Set a session equal to some value at the top of the page, then redirect out if it&#039;s equal...<BR><BR>&#039;First time in, let them go<BR>If Session("FirstTime") &#060;&#062; 1 Then<BR> &#039;Set the variable, so the next time they come in they&#039;re outta here.<BR> Session("FirstTime") = 1<BR>Else<BR> Response.redirect("http:/********")<BR>End If

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