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    krishna Guest

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    I have created a virtual directory on IIS server which<BR>will be pointing to a directory sitting on different server.<BR><BR>When I try to access it on my browser it is asking for Network <BR>password. <BR><BR>If Any one knows how to make virtual directory point to a<BR>diffrent location please let me know..

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    Mark Guest

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    Keep in mind that all processes running on an NT machine must run under a valid NT Account. IIS is no different.<BR><BR>If IIS uses Anonymous Authentication, then IIS will impersonate the default NT Account for IIS (usually "IUSR_machinename"). The "IUSR_Machinename" is a local Account, by default, that only has permissions to access local resources as allowed by NTFS permissions. The "IUSR_Machinename" will not have permission to access resources on other servers on the network. hence, your virtual directory on a different server can not be READ, because IIS ("IUSR_machinename") doesn&#039t have NTFS permissions to read the directory on the other machine.<BR><BR>Check out the following for work arounds:<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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