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    I have two dates<BR><BR>ie 26/2/2002 (dd/mm/yyyy) and 17/1/2002 (dd/mm/yyyy)<BR><BR>I need to make sure that the first date is lower than the second date. I am using a javascript function to validate this.<BR><BR>Unfortunatly JavaScript appears to read the first date as the 2nd February 2004 and the second date as 1st May 2003. I can see that it is reading the date in mm/dd/yyyy format. <BR><BR>I can&#039;t use that (mm/dd/yyyy) format as I am in England. Has anyone come across this issue and know of a solution?

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    Default If you KNOW...

    ...that the dates are going to be put in in dd/mm/yyyy format, why not just swap the first two bits?!<BR><BR>That way, JavaScript will recognise them! :)<BR><BR>var myarray = "26/2/2002".split("/");<BR>var mynewstring = myarray[1] + "/" + myarray[0] + "/" + myarray[2];<BR><BR>Or something similar - I haven&#039;t got my JS book open at the moment.<BR><BR>Craig.

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