Link my A2K .mdb with the Remote Server

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Thread: Link my A2K .mdb with the Remote Server

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    I am using A2K in MS-PWS with a Windows 98 Machine.<BR>I have this .asp page which I&#039;ve created from a A2K .mdb and once I type<BR>http://localhost.xxxx.asp will show all the records in the corresponding A2K<BR>table.<BR>(also I made a DNS connection from ODBC)<BR><BR>Now my problem is how to publish this page into the remote server<BR>(<BR>enabling users form anywhere to browse records.<BR><BR>Also once I update my .mdb it should update the .asp as well.<BR><BR>Do I have to upload this xxxx.asp to<BR><BR>with the help of a FTP like cuteftp. How about the .mdb file ?<BR><BR>I am really clueless here and desparate for your help since this<BR>is my first experience in ASP.<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>LDF<BR><BR><BR>

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    If you are publishing your site to a production server, you should already have a copy of your database on the production server, and the server should already have an ODBC configuration for the database. Publishing your ASP pages to the production server will update the pages. If you want to update the data, then simply publish the database file to the production server, so current data will be available to your web users.

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