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    Can a "ADODB.Connection" Object be passed to a session variable?<BR>

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    Default Yes (eop)


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    Default NOOOOOO!!!!!

    It *CAN*, but WHY WOULD YOU EVER WANT TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?????<BR><BR>I mean it, don&#039;t EVER store ANY object in session or application scope, or your system will die a very quick death, especially if you&#039;re using something like Access as your backend solution.<BR><BR>Storing objects in session state means that IIS cannot correctly pool connections and objects, instead tying them down to individual session IDs and replicating them when needed. This drives the memory and CPU usage of IIS up dramatically and can cause a server to hang under quite a light load.<BR><BR>Don&#039;t EVER do it. It CAN, but that doesn&#039;t mean you SHOULD.<BR><BR>Craig.

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