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    why my #include file did not appear.the situation is like this...i've created a virtual path to my system http://localhost/tnb and the location of the file is in my drive C. the include file name main.asp, which located in tnb folder. inside the tnb folder, i created another folder called aboutUs. inside the aboutUs folder is my file that has the #include file. the path is like this <!--#include virtual="main.asp"--> but when i open the open it in my browser by calling up http://localhost/tnb/aboutUs/intro.htm, the include file is not there. and i wonder why.did i code it wrong? please help. thank you.

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    Default HTM not include-compatible by default

    most servers only allow includes in certain file types.<BR><BR>commonly, these are :<BR><BR>.shtml<BR>.shtm<BR>.stm<BR><BR>in IIS (asp) they are<BR><BR>as above<BR>.asp<BR><BR>generally you&#039;ll find you must have one of these extensions to allow includes to be processed.<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.sydneypubguide.net/

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