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    Hi all! I know this may be the wrong board for this question, but I&#039;ve found most of my questions can be answered by you folks rather than on the other boards, so here goes...<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to create an organizational chart where once you mouse rollover an employee, it displays their picture and stats in a fixed box on another part of the page. Is there any way to do this via arrays or pulling the info on the fly once the user rolls over the box?<BR><BR>Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)<BR><BR>Z

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    Default can be done

    Why do you need the rollover part of it? why not just make them click the name, and show the results in a different frame?<BR><BR>You could pull data about the bio/picture from the database, and align it with the people in the org chart, and then manipulate that data with javascript, but it will be tricky.

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    Default Why it can't be OnClick...How about this?

    When the user clicks on one of the boxes, it generates an e-mail form to that employee. That&#039;s why I need to do it on a mouseover.<BR><BR>What if I loaded all of the info into a 2D array? Would it then be possible to search the array for the employee&#039;s name/title as they mouseover or am I just asking for trouble doing that?

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