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Thread: Uploading into database ?!?!

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    I have a website hosted on a server with MS-Access<BR>database and ASP support.<BR>I have 2 databases : a simple one where users can upload <BR>their comments and a second database where users can submit <BR>and upload their images(into a BLOB field with multipart/formdata method).<BR>The first DB is working fine , but the second ... Internal Server Error 500...<BR>Of course , I tested my website local with PWS and both -&#062;OK.<BR>How can I fix that ? Is their server a bad-boy ?<BR>

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    Default What is the error message?

    &#062;Internal Server Error 500<BR>this is NOT the error message<BR><BR><BR>turn off turn off the friendly error messages in the browser options and see what the REAL error message is.<BR><BR>

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