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Thread: problems with RecordSet.GetRows

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    Default problems with RecordSet.GetRows

    i&#039;m using a function to return a multi-dimensional array via objRec.GetRows. my problem is that sometimes the recordset is empty, thus killing the script. is there a property of a recordset that i can check before i populate the array?<BR><BR>Function inGoesSqlOutComesQuestionsAndAnswers(sqlStatement) <BR><BR> SQLQuestions = sqlStatement<BR> objRec.Open SQLQuestions, DSNConnectionString<BR> &#039;store the values<BR> arrayOfQuestions = objRec.GetRows<BR> &#039;and close the connection<BR> objRec.Close <BR> <BR> inGoesSqlOutComesQuestionsAndAnswers = arrayOfQuestions<BR><BR><BR>End Function<BR><BR>

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    Default Jeez.....R&D EOF and BOF <eop>


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