For some reason, my remote scriping file doesn&#039;t seem to work on a win2k server. The script works fine on NT. I have copied all the necessary files to the win2k server.<BR><BR>It can find the RS.HTM script, but it is unable to reference the APPLET properly. I discovered this doing client-side debugging in Visual Interdev.<BR><BR>Does anyone know why this is happening? Has anyone encountered anything like this? <BR><BR>I need to use RS to make sure that a file a user is uploading doesn&#039;t exist. If it does, give the user a few options. The only way I know of saving the posted file data (input type=file), is by actually saving the file to a folder, because I don&#039;t know how to persist inputs of type file, or even if it&#039;s possible. Once the file is saved with a temp name, I can copy it on top of an existing file, or delete it if the user chooses to upload a new one.<BR><BR>Any thougths appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.