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    i am currently just begining a new project and am using access 2002 as my database platform. whenever the database is opened directly a record locking file is created (.ldb) this file prevents connections from my web applications (asp). my problem is that i am doing some data entry directly to the database while another user is doing some contact entry via web app. i have side stepped the problem by changing the securities of the record lock file (allowed full control by all users) but this must be done every time the database is opened. is there any way to set the securities properties of a .ldb file to default to full control... etc. any help or info on .ldb files and their properties would be helpful.

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    Are you sure the Access desktop user is not opening the database exclusively ?? This is an option when you first open the .mdb from Access.<BR><BR>Otherwise be sure to check that web users have enough permissions on the _folder_ the .ldb file are being created in.<BR><BR><BR>regards,<BR><BR><BR>Dave Kawliche<BR><BR>

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