How to transfer a value/string from a popup window

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Thread: How to transfer a value/string from a popup window

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    Anuj Seth <anuj@sasi Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I want to implement a feature similar to that present in the Yahoo! Mail service, i.e.,<BR><BR>A form is shown where the user needs to enter some data. This data has to be one of a large number of predefined values. To assist the user, a link is present on the window which opens a &#039popup&#039 window and shows the list of values. The user should be able to select a value from this page and click on a &#039OK&#039 button which will result in the selected value being transferred to the calling page&#039s edit box. <BR><BR>How can I go about implementing this feature?<BR><BR>If I haven&#039t made myself clear, create an account for yourself in Yahoo! Mail and then Compose a mail. Click on the Address Book link. A popup window will be shown from where the user can select an email address which is transferred to the main page&#039s edit box.<BR><BR>Awaiting an early reply...<BR><BR>With Regards,<BR>Anuj<BR>

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    kailash Guest

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    hi anuj,<BR> what u can do is in the pop up window disply the list of values in a table which in turn is within a form. and when u click ok button submit this form and set the action part to the page from which this window is popped up.In that file (from where ur calling the pop up window) using the request.form object get the selected values and add ur functionality later.<BR>i hope this solves ur problem....i&#039ve tried it and succeeded.<BR>Happy Programming.

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