Hi,<BR><BR>I want to implement a feature similar to that present in the Yahoo! Mail service, i.e.,<BR><BR>A form is shown where the user needs to enter some data. This data has to be one of a large number of predefined values. To assist the user, a link is present on the window which opens a &#039popup&#039 window and shows the list of values. The user should be able to select a value from this page and click on a &#039OK&#039 button which will result in the selected value being transferred to the calling page&#039s edit box. <BR><BR>How can I go about implementing this feature?<BR><BR>If I haven&#039t made myself clear, create an account for yourself in Yahoo! Mail and then Compose a mail. Click on the Address Book link. A popup window will be shown from where the user can select an email address which is transferred to the main page&#039s edit box.<BR><BR>Awaiting an early reply...<BR><BR>With Regards,<BR>Anuj<BR>