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    Hey Guys, <BR>Please don&#039;t give me heat about this, but could someone please help me out of a tight spot here. Please take a look at the post I made here:<BR><BR><BR><BR>I apologize for this crossposting, however, I haven&#039;t got many reposponses and think its just due to the fact that asp components board isn&#039;t widely travelled.<BR><BR>Thanks, and I appreciate any help

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    At my company, we used a tool called Graphics Server for our VB programs. Then we needed a web graph so we got the web version.<BR>I think it ended up costing us an addt&#039;l $175. Anyway, it did the job. It has interfaces so the user can select type of graph, direction, titles, all the bells and whistles. Don&#039;t know if you need this much HP & $, tho.

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