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    The users of my application will need access to a folder on a server in order to copy to and from the folder and also to delete the files in the folder. Their computer will have to be mapped to the folder on the server but is there any way to map to the folder but not allow the user access to the folder through their Windows Explorer so that they can only access the folder through the application?

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    Create a web based explorer of the directory using the FileSystemObject (check the FAQs), this will allow file listing, to add files you just use an 'upload' component (again check the FAQs), you do not need to share the directory so will not be accessible from windows explorer.

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    Create an account on the domain called:<BR>SnazzyAssFolderUser<BR><BR>Give this user access to the folder you referred to. Do NOT give access to your users to this folder. You then user the SnazzyAss username/password when accessing this folder.<BR><BR>-Doug

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